Announcing the Voltaic Season 3 Aiming Benchmarks BETA for Aimlabs!

Announcing the Voltaic Season 3 Aiming Benchmarks BETA for Aimlabs!

We're excited to introduce our latest Aiming Benchmarks! a tool designed to assess your raw aiming skill across all FPS titles and keep you motivated to train effectively.

These scenarios test your abilities at Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, providing an accurate skill estimate and encouraging improvement as you refine your aiming techniques.

Players of all skill levels can expect to benefit from running our benchmarks, kickstarting their Aim Training journey.

The scenarios are categorized into three main areas encompassing all aspects of aiming: Clicking, Tracking, and Target Switching. Each category is further divided into subcategories to isolate specific techniques necessary for proficiency. This season, we're introducing a third "hybrid" category for each main skill (linear, control, stability), bridging traditional subcategory gaps to offer a more comprehensive training and benchmarking experience.

Additionally, we've refined our difficulty scaling approach for this season. Intermediate and Novice versions of scenarios feature adjustments to better highlight and address common challenges players face. For instance, Speed Target Switching variants have a lower TTK (time to kill) compared to Advanced scenarios to emphasize raw speed, and Static Clicking scenarios feature subtly vibrating targets for honing micro correction techniques.

Remember, while our benchmarks gauge your raw aiming skill, it is not the only factor for aiming in-game. They serve as a supplementary tool to guide your training regimen and refine your underlying mouse control. Always complement aiming practice with game-specific skills like game-sense and movement in your preferred FPS title.

Finally, since this is the initial release of this project scenario bugs are to be expected and the Score Requirements are subject to change as we gather more plays from the community. Please report any issue you find!


The leaderboards are currently down for maintenance as there are some required changes that need to be made for it to function properly. We will make a follow-up announcement in the #changelog channel on our discord, with more information on that.

Additional Features

We're still working on adding more features (e.g. custom benchmarks, leaderboard filters, profile overhaul) to the webapp, but we left them out for now to get the season out to the public as soon as possible. We will add more features as the season progesses.

Rank Applications & Rank Reset

  • Rank Applications for Aimlabs Season 2 will be closing in one week from now to transition into the new Season.
    • You can still play Aimlabs - Season 2, but we will no longer be accepting applications for it, and the Leaderboards are archived (see #changelog).
    • Applications for KvKs - Season 4 are still open, but will close once we open Aimlabs S3 Applications.
  • We will be using this time to collect data within the first few weeks of the benchmarks to make any needed adjustments and balancing changes to the score thresholds.
    • Please note that there is no ETA on when the Rank Applications will open, we will do our best to make any required changes as soon as possible.
  • There will be a follow-up announcement where we will communicate when the Rank Reset will happen.
    • This will most likely be when we've settled on the score targets for Aimlabs Season 3.
  • KovaaKs S5 is still being worked on, and will be the next focal point now that the Aimlabs season is out, that way we can divert all our attention to S5.